Woman used a child to sell drugs in the Rímac VIDEO | chalk

A woman who comes from her home for children in the Rimac , was surprised and captured by the Terna group. América Noticias, referring to police sources, pointed out that a minor was the one who received the basic cocaine paste (PBC) to the seller's customers.

The detainee, identified as Laura Estrada Carbajal, alias, La tía Laurita & # 39 ;, had made her home the operating theater of her illegal activities. According to the police they had received several complaints from some neighbors.

The intervention by La Geli Laurita & # 39; however, would be hampered by a citizen in civilian clothes and a seemingly drunken sailor who defended the woman at all times.

According to the police report, a total of 1,810 sets of PBCs were found. The woman was transferred to a nearby police station for the respective investigations.

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