Workers of the sugar factory in Tumán block the road in Chiclayo | Picture 1 of 6 | Peru

The workers of the agro-industrial Tumán, in Chiclayo, they restarted their protests against the re-entry of the new administration at the sugar factory, which is linked to the Oviedo Group. This time they blocked the intrusion road Chiclayo-Chota.

The workers burned bands and branches and placed stones on the road. They were also placed in the middle of the runway as a measure of the claim, so the traffic was interrupted. They also made a march on this road and through the streets of the Tumán district.

The demonstrators also ask the legal department to transfer the factory to the workers, since, as said, it is still in the hands of companies that Edwin Oviedo , current chairman of the Peruvian football federation (FPF). They accuse this company group of abuse in the workplace.

Likewise, they regretted that they could not sell the 200 sacks of sugar obtained from the empire. They say the police prevented them from going to Chiclayo, where the bags would be sold. They assured that they would pay part of their unpaid wages with this money.

A police contingent remains, in so far as, in the zone for possible excesses.

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