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It all started with a phone call at 9:45 am in the morning. Cristian Arias, a neighbor of the district Cerro Azul contacted the head of the police division of Cañete, Manuel Torres, to let him know that it was probable that the small Xohana of 2 years old fell in one of the three sources in the Plaza de Armas of that spa.

Minutes earlier, Arias had asked the diver and fisherman of the area, Edgar Ramirez, 44, to enter one of those sources to search for the missing child on the night of last Thursday in that square.

Two of the wells, three meters high, are covered with overlapping metal caps, without padlocks. Water is poured for a year, according to neighbors. It was suspected that Xohana, who would become 3 years old in September, would have happened by chance.
The other pit was closed with a few bushes that everyone could open without problems. Inside there is a discarded water pump.

"When the pool was built, these sources were made that were connected, but the pool was damaged and all the water was pumped in. The mayor never closed the place to prevent a child from taking the blankets and fall, "complained neighbor Carmen Campos.

-identify remnants-
Ramirez diver arrived at 10:45 am, the Plaza de Armas of Cerro Azul with his clothes and has only entered to measure the height of the hole while waiting for the police of the Salvataje -unit. Until then, there was some disbelief among the agents that the body of Xohana was inside.

The diver did not take a minute to enter and leave the well. His face reflected the horror he saw. He saw the girl's body hovering with her fuchsia polo, as it appeared from the photos that were scattered to look for her. Almost four hours later, Salvage police officer William Namuche withdrew the child in the presence of Criminalistics agents.

Gregoria Ríos, the grandmother of the girl, later confirmed in the mortuary of Cañete that it was her granddaughter. "His parents [Clebertón Guerra y Débora Guerrero] have already identified her," she said tearsfully. Legal Medicine confirmed this information.

The parquet of Cañete is responsible for the investigations to determine how the minor fell into the pit and whether someone had attacked her before. According to some police officers he would have stumbled nonchalantly. With the discovery of the body, Nicole Quinto, accused of kidnapping, would be released.

During the operation the Plaza de Armas of Cerro Azul was full of people. The mayor of the district, Abel Miranda, was not there. El Comercio sought him in the congregation, but no one gave us any reason for his whereabouts.

For criminal lawyer Roberto Miranda, the mayor could have committed a crime to expose minors to danger followed by death, whose maximum sentence is 12. year. This is because the sources have never been closed or marked. "The prosecution service will have to determine the penalties for municipal officials," he explained.

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