Yield: the supply of fish has grown by 25.9% in the period January-July Trade economy

the Ministry of production (Produce) reported that an accumulated supply of 4.8 million metric tons (MT) was achieved in the fisheries sector during the accumulated period from January to July 2018, representing a growth of 25.9% compared to the same period of the previous year.

"This positive result of the sector is mainly due to the larger disembarkation of anchovies for indirect human consumption, after having recorded an accumulated volume of 4.1 million tonnes between January and July 2018, being more than 989.000 tonnes more than in the same period of the previous year, "said the holder of the portfolio, Raúl Pérez- Reyes.

"These figures respond to measures for the protection and conservation of biomass and the normalization of oceanographic conditions," he said.

In turn, the measures could have a catch quota for the first fishing season of anchovies 2018 for the north-central zone equaled 3.3 million tons, of which a release of 3.2 million tons (97.8%) was recorded between April and July.


Between January and the first days of September of this year, the General Directorate for Supervision, Supervision and Sanctions of the Ministry has a total of 123,547 audits in the Peruvian coast.

Pérez-Reyes indicated that 2,357 breaches had been lifted during that period and 7,561 tons of hydrobiological resources were taken as a result, such as anchovies, parrots, and so on.

The region & # 39; s where the greatest number confiscations were Ancash (Chimbote), Callao (Callao), Piura (Paita) and Ica (Pisco).

Similarly, he said that 1,475 special operations were carried out with different entities, such as the Directorate-General of Captains and Coast Guard (Dicapi), the National Police of Peru (PNP), the Fisheries Health Agency (Sanipes), the Public Prosecution Service, the Ministry of the Environment ( Minam), regional governments, among others.

The minister added that they have drones to the audit, in addition to the recent purchase of two patrol boats from maritime ban.

The government has published Legislative Decrees 1392 and 1393, which promote the formalization of craft vessels and regulate the prohibition of illegal activities in the fisheries sector.

"With the formalization it will be possible to have better control over the fleet carrying out extractive activities, which in turn will enable the ministry to take the necessary control measures to contribute to the sustainability of hydrobiological sources.

"Meanwhile, with the prohibition law The aim is to prevent the continuation of illegal activities in the sector and to guarantee the conservation of resources, "he said.

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