Young took advantage that her beloved went to college to rob her

25 August 2018 14:30.

A young man identified as FRooike Maldonado Yaranga (19) used his love Elvia Estrada He left the room he rented in Santa Anita to steal various electronic devices.

The subject went to the city of Satipo last Wednesday JunínSo he went to say goodbye to his girlfriend. After a few hours they had to go to college and because of the confidence she had, the young woman left her the keys to her room so she could rest.

On his return, Elvia Estrada He realized that his laptop, printer, cell phone and other objects were not there. The young woman went to the police with whom she came to the house of Freddy and his brother Boris Michel Maldonado Yaranga, where they were found with the stolen objects.

The authorities arrested the brothers and brought them to the Depincri Ate-Santa Anita. On the morning of yesterday, the young people were at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor for the crime of aggravated robbery.

The couple had a relationship for 1 year and 2 months. Moreover, according to the university, it turned out that after the incident a letter was found in which Freddy told him that "he took things because he had a debt."

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