Allisson Lozz Says He’s Losing His Eyesight: “By the age of 30 I won’t be seeing anything” | Instagram | SHOWS

The Former Mexican actress Allisson Lozz revealed to his followers in the social networks that she is losing her eyesight and that she will go blind in about two years, according to doctors.

I have been very blind since I was very young and they told me that by my thirties I would not see anything. So I’m 28, two to see nothing, let’s hope the technology advances more, but yeahAllisson Lozz said in a video posted to his Instagram account.

The remembered actress from soap operas like ‘To hell with the handsome ‘ Y ‘Alegrijes and rebujos’ He also said he’s been wearing glasses since second grade.

The young woman expected to undergo surgery when she came of age; But when he turned 18, doctors told him that his cornea was badly damaged and that he couldn’t have surgery.

When I was 18 years old I was happy because I was already going to have my laser surgery. And I was living in Chihuahua at the time. And they told me, ‘You can’t, your retina is very thin, your eye is very oval – I have really big eyes, as you can see – so you’re not a candidate for surgery. I almost died, I’ve been waiting for that for as long as I can remember. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in second grade, so I wanted to have surgery, which was what I wanted most. My husband, my dad accompanied me, we were all excited and they gave me that newsHe added in the video.

He received the same diagnosis when he entered a prestigious clinic in the United States. “That news was clearly horrible to me and I came to the US to confirm it. I went to a really good clinic in Texas, but they told me the same thing, exactly the sameAllisson Lozz said sadly.


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