Facebook: They have hacked Luis Miguel's account and filled it with cruel memes Mexico Trade TV | farandula

Luis Miguel nothing good happens. After being criticized for his controversial concerts, in which he reportedly had sung under the influence of alcohol, he now adds a new problem: hacked his official report of Facebook.

The user identified as Rogeer Meza Martínez would be the hacker who took over the Facebook account from Luis Miguel and he has shared a number of memes around the singer.

For more than two hours, Meza Martínez was in charge of changing the profile picture of Luis Miguel on three occasions. The last time he placed a picture of the singer with the message: "This person is already a soldier of Christ."

Among other publications, the hacker was responsible for posting messages, such as the tour through Luis Miguel, "Mexico Forever", is just a political ruse and some ironic memes played by Luisito Rey, Roberto Palazuelos, among others.

Until the end of the note, the hacker continued to publish images in the account of Facebook from the Mexican star Luis Miguel.

Remember that the last concert is that Luis Miguel offered in Mexico was very criticized because it was presented with more than an hour late and many of the attendees said that "their numbers" shouted.

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