Has Bitcoin collapsed? | economies

2018 was not a good year for bitcoin. There were many factors that led her to collapse during the last year.

The most famous digital currency, lost in 2018 year 80% of its value, returning to the level of the first half of 2017.

As you recall, the capitalization in that year rose from 300,000 million dollars to 67,000 and if this seems like a big crash, criptodivisas has an even greater experience.

"The increase in 2017 did not respond to a rational explanation of real value, it was just a speculative bubble, confirmed by the aggressive correction of 2018, because once again there are no objective causes to explain this", Juan Pedro Gravel, partner of the technology strategy of Deloitte, together. And although it is now at minimum levels compared to its record levels, its value is still one 300% higher than the beginning of 2017, reviews El País.

Moreover, the cryptoactive company had to face the rules imposed by different countries because their activities were considered to involve a high risk of loss or fraud. Even the leaders of the G20 defended the idea of ​​regulating that currency to prevent money laundering.

And in 2019?

It is impossible to anticipate whether the crash will continue or not. But it seems clear that technology blockchain, apart from the oscillations of bitcoin, it is here to stay. "The outlook is optimistic because we hit the bottom, I do not know how much, but there will be a rebound, from a technological point of view there will be relevant technical improvements," continues Alberto Toribio, also co-founder of NevTrace.

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