Health workers will provide medical assistance during the national march

In the midst of the current Peruvian crisis, a group of professionals in the health sector They will provide medical assistance during these days of marches in Lima. According to the representative of the group of students, graduates and graduates, Pablo Cardenas, indicated that they are committed to the public to give more support to those who have been injured mobilizations.

“We are a group of health workers; between nursing, medicine, medical technology and more, that we will provide support and support on the line. We’re not going to discern anyone, but anyone who needs help, we’ll do, ”he told La República.

In addition, it indicated that since November 11, they have been supporting people who have suffered some police repression or suffered certain injuries to their bodies. This initiative was created to help others and not be hurt by attacks or aggression during the march.

“It was an initiative that started in the middle of the protests. I joined a group of the march and saw that there were many injured on the first day and despite all the police repression. For this reason, it occurred to me to form a group and provide medical assistance … Those of us who have graduated and graduated provide support. The students are also considerate of warning us and helping patients, ”he said.

Cárdenas said the group numbers an average of 160 people, and today, November 12, about 30 people will help potential injuries in the Lima protests. “Yesterday we helped a young woman who had an injury to her head, we healed her and we brought relief in time,” he said.

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On November 12 they will be present from 4 p.m. If you want to support with a donation, you can do so via Yape on the number 923142396. The proceeds are intended to cover more stocks. In addition, the call to join the group is still open from the following link:

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