How 12 Minutes of Exercise Can Improve Your Health

Until now, it was believed that in order to influence a person’s metabolism, it was necessary to practice sports at a constant intensity for at least 40 minutes. However, a latest study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) shows that the intensive training Just 12 minutes has a more direct impact on our metabolic health.

To do this, they saw how eruptions explosive training they affected biomarkers of metabolic health, such as fasting glycemia, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and waist circumference, which are closely related to the incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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The study, reported in the journal Circulation, was based on a study of 411 middle-aged men and women after 12 minutes of “vigorous” or vigorous exercise. According to their results, sport affected 80% of the participants by changing their circulating metabolites in the blood, a parameter used to measure the cardiometabolic health and cardiovascular.

High metabolic impact

“Much is known about the effects of exercise on the cardiovascular and inflammatory systems of the body, but our study provides a comprehensive picture of the metabolic impact of exercise by linking specific metabolic pathways to response variables and exercise outcomes. long-term healthSaid Gregory Lewis, a specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) according to IFLScience.

The study found metabolic variations between men and women
The study found metabolic variations between men and women

The study shows how the participants reduced an average of 29% of the feared people glutamate metabolite, linked to heart disease, diabetes and a shorter life expectancy. The metabolite DMGV (dimethylguanidinovaleric acid), related to the risk of diabetes and liver disease, was reduced by 18%.

What caught our attention were the effects that a short period of exercise can have on the circulating levels of the metabolites that control important bodily functions, such as insulin resistance, oxidative stress, vascular reactivity, inflammation and longevity, ”explains Lewis.

Low levels of DMGV can mean higher levels of physical health

The variations depended on the exercise routine, participants’ body weight, and gender. The worst results were achieved by people with obesity problems, who were more limited when it came to sports High intensity. After this study, as explained by Matthew Nayor, one of the co-authors, it might be familiar with “ unique signatures in the bloodstream if a person is physically healthy, similar to the way blood tests determine the condition of the liver and kidneys. For example, a low level of DMGV can mean a higher level of physical health. ”

The workout routine consisted of a 3-minute workout without weights, followed by what they called a RAMP protocol, a type of warm-up that gradually increases levels. To finish they cycled for 3 minutes. After a minute of rest, they measured his recovery.

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