Instagram: Maricarmen Marín and Katia Palma show off in sexy bikini for new year Video Latina | I am | Chollywood | shows

After several months of hard work, the singer Maricarmen decided to spend Marín New Year Out of the country and enjoy a holiday in Jamaica. In the videos he uploaded in his Instagram stories, the jury of the & # 39; Ik ben & # 39; program showed how well he did before, during and after the year party.

"2019 I waited so much for you, tell me what you're doing this first day of the year, I'm on the beach, waiting so anxious at the moment." Holidays, yupiiii !!!, wrote the ex-member of the cumbia group & Agua Bella & # 39; in the aforementioned social network where it has a little more than 1 million followers.

Moreover, the joy was not only because he was in the land of Bob Marley, but also because he was accompanied by one of his friends and colleague Katia Palma. Both figures of Latina did not hesitate to share photos from the reception of the year 2019 far from the country.

In one of the snapshots the cumbia singer placed on her Instagram account, she saw that she wears a sexy red bikini that gives her shape and stole her sight.

While in another photo is accompanied by Katia Palma and a friend on the beach. The popular & # 39; princecita & # 39; shows off her flat stomach with the sexy red bathing suit and the comical actress wears a black bikini.

"What did you do in the abdominal crests? Your measurements look like 100 60 100 or very many photoshop", I really like beautiful natural bodies, so we are the women nothing of fake-operated bodies "," These regia Maricarmen. It shows that you do not spend the years. You are my Platonic love, "said several followers of Maricarmen Marín on Instagram.

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