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Despite one of the schools generating more expectations at the beginning of the year, Lima Alliance It did not have the expected results during the season and so its permanence in the first division is now in jeopardy.

The team he currently leads Daniel Ahmed It is going through one of the most difficult moments of recent years as, with two games to go, it is 17th in the standings, three units away from relegation.

In the last game, which was played last Saturday, the blue and white team showed a poor performance and fell 2-0 against Sport Boys, a team that with the victory over the intimate players will be able to breathe calmly when leaving the relegation zone. .

After the bad result against the rosés, Leao Butron, one of the team’s referees, revealed his discomfort with the situation with harsh words to the entire team.

“It is very clear that it is part of us, the players. We are what we decide on the playing field, we are the ones who make very easy passes, we are the ones who don’t decide in a game. So I’m sure it’s happening to us “, said Leao Butron in dialogue with GOLPERU.

Leao ButronHe also admitted that he feels the group is afraid of failure. “If we have to shit, we have to shit with a really big oyster and not be afraid to make mistakes, because that’s what I feel, that we are afraid. If we must fail, we fail. You always have to die standing ”, he pointed.

it should be noted that Lima Alliance He has two games scheduled before he finishes phase 2. Against Carlos A. Mannucci on Wednesday, November 25 and against Sport Huancayo on Saturday, November 28. Can La Victoria’s team recover and save the category?


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