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Lucero Y Fernando Colunga they were one of the telenovela couples most loved by the public. The love story between Valentina Rangel and José Miguel Montesinos fell in love with the audience from start to finish. There was great chemistry between them, especially when they had to kiss “i am your master”.

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This great complicity that existed between the protagonists meant that viewers didn’t miss any of the 146 chapters the telenovela had during the production of Nicandro Diaz which was broadcast on Televisa screens in 2010.

The fans’ favorite scenes have always been kissing and clapping. The proof of this is that in his most recent podcast ‘Here Lucero’ on Spotify, He remembered the times he hit Fernando Colunga and how they were recorded.


Lucero He took advantage of his podcast to reply to one of his followers, who asked if the first kiss Colunga steals from him in the plot they should repeat.

“Unfortunately, many girls who know how pretty Fernando Colunga is would say, unfortunately the kiss scene was not repeated several times, what was repeated was the clap scene that led to this stolen kiss.”, explained in ‘Here Lucero’.

“The scene with Fernando was a real punch I gave him but I don’t know what happened when I gave it to him […] Somehow I felt like something had gone wrong and I was the one to cut the scene […] And so we had to repeat the blow ”.

Lucero and Fernando Colunga starred in the telenovela "i am your master" (Photo: Televisa)
Lucero and Fernando Colunga starred in the telenovela “Soy tu dueña” (Photo: Televisa)

The actress and singer confessed that she doesn’t like to repeat the scenes: “It’s nice to reach them the first time after you rehearse it because it comes out more naturally”, but he clarified that he has no problem having them rerecorded as often as necessary.

But this was not only in the soap “Soy tu dueña”, but they also collaborated in “Alborada” and “Mañana es para siempre”.

So throughout his career he has had to repeat slapping scenes many times and a lot more with Fernando Colunga as they have shared several projects.


Trailer for “Soy tu dueña”, telenovela starring Lucero and Fernando Colunga

Trailer of “Soy tu dueña”, telenovela starring Lucero and Fernando Colunga

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