Marcial Páucar: "reservation of research and independence in decisions are guaranteed" Peru politics

The replacement of Public Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez by the special team of Lava Jato, Marcial Páucar Chappa, denied suspected ties with the criminal organization The white collars of the port and rejected those claims.

"We should categorically reject such allegations on the basis of subjectivities," he said, noting that he is a teacher at three universities in the country and has given courses and diplomas in Peru and abroad.

"It is cowardly meant to connect me to an alleged criminal organization when, speaking to him, he is a university teacher many years ago. [con Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto]", he said to RPP TV.

As you remember, Oracio Pacori noted on Twitter that Marcial Páucar and Frank Almanza must be removed from the Lava Jato case, because according to constitutional accusation report of the case César Hinostroza and CNM audios, both have links to criminal organizations.

In this connection, Páucar has indicated that Almanza himself assesses a complaint about defamation against congressman Pacori, although they will wait until the parliamentarian corrects himself.

Research reserve

Páucar said that with the prosecutor Almanza the frontal fight against corruption will continue. "We are going to fight for our independence, we will in no way, in an energetic way, accept any form of interference from an institution," he emphasized.

In that sense he emphasized that they will retain "their autonomy".

When asked about the effective cooperation agreement negotiated with Odebrecht, he indicated that the goal is "that it will be a good port and the truth will be discovered, regardless of who is falling."

Likewise, he pointed out that "the scrutiny of research will be guaranteed" and "complete independence in each of the decisions".

"It maintains that reservation that is thus doubted for an authority, it will only be informed according to the powers of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation with regard to logistical information and forms which can be reached and which is not included in the reserve the law, "he said.


On the other hand, the prosecutor has announced that since the early morning he has prepared a roadmap to help these things forward and ensure that they do not allow the "interference of any head of an institution".

Eventually, Páucar announced that they would continue with the work of Rafael Vela and José Domingo Pérez. "We are going to give an institutional response.[with[con[met[conOdebrecht]it must allow the cases to be viable and provide an energetic response to corruption, regardless of who is falling, "he said.

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