Minsa approves guidelines to promote healthy eating in children under the age of two

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) approved, by Ministerial Resolution No. 967-2020 / MINSA, the technical document ‘Dietary guidelines for girls and boys under the age of two’, which will contribute to the improvement and maintenance of the nutritional status of this age group, and to the promotion of a healthy diet.

The National Health Institute (INS), through the National Food and Nutrition Center (Cenan), prepared the normative document that contains 14 recommendations that will help health professionals, hand in hand with mothers and caregivers, to achieve a plenty of food in early childhood to prevent malnutrition problems such as anemia, childhood malnutrition, overweight and obesity.

The guides provide practical recommendations for contributing to a healthy eating from birth, through breastfeeding and the application of techniques in responsive or also called perceptual feeding, emphasizing important aspects of feeding the child and natural food, avoiding the absorption of salt, sugar and ultra-processed products.

The INS nutritionists indicated that children up to two years of age have special dietary characteristics that make them more vulnerable to malnutrition, whether through deficiency or excess; It is therefore essential that Peru has this document that updates and standardizes the normative technical content to be used by health professionals in the nutritional education of mothers and carers.

They indicated that eating behavior is diagnosed at a young age. In this sense, it is necessary to change the overweight and obesity to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure and other pathologies that previously only affected adults, but as a result of improper eating habits reach children.

The INS chief, César Cabezas Sánchez, congratulated the Cenan professionals on this great achievement, making the country two food guides available for the Peruvian population and now for children under two years old.

With this new publication, Peru is leading the way as one of the few countries in the region that meets what is recommended by international organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

It should be noted that, since 2018, the country has had the Dietary Guidelines for the Peruvian Population, a technical document that contributes to the promotion, maintenance and improvement of the health and nutritional status of the entire Peruvian population over two years of age, through 12 messages. This normative document has been prepared by INS nutritionists.


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