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Neme analyzes the absence of public in the Capwell

The Blue Explosion 2019 was a feast for fans of Emelec, who could see the presentation of the new team, a victory against Sporting Cristal, but the electric house was not full.

ESTADIO can contact the president of the millionaires & # 39 ;, Nassib Neme, who has not overlooked the problem of fans in the stands.

"Maybe we've made the hand with the prices of tickets for the Blue Explosion," the director acknowledged with regard to the $ 18, $ 25, $ 30 and $ 50 dollars that cost each ticket for the comparison that a show with pyrotechnic playing and a concert by various national artists.

In addition to issuing tickets, Neme points to another factor: "The open signal from Directv (the channel that broadcasts the game) could at any cost have influenced the absence of the audience, but we also analyze it", concluded the director.

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