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Ozuna | Puerto Rico Kevin Fret's mother, ragpicker involved in a scandal, says he knows who killed him Photo 1 of 4 | Shows | International shows

Hilda Rodríguez, the mother of murdered gay-rag Puerto Rican Kevin Fret He said he knew who was killing his son and that a policeman saw the young artist who tried to stay alive after receiving eight shots that caused his death.

"The only thing I can tell you is that I know about the person who did this"Rodriguez said in an interview with Univision's "Primer Impacto" program about the murder of her 24-year-old son in the Sanjuanero neighborhood of Santurce.

"What happened, I know what happened, but I'm not going to touch the point"added Rodriguez, accompanied by her husband and father of Fret, Fermín Fret.

Rodriguez, in turn, said that he begged God "mercy" for his son's murderer.

"It will not leave that person, but wait and that the Lord will not leave him alone with his conscience"he emphasized.

According to the authorities, Fret rode a motorcycle from his brother, Steven Conde, on Avenida Eduardo Conde, when a stranger started shooting at him, injuring him several times.

Several policemen arrived there, including one, who, according to Rodriguez Fret, saw "crying, conscious and babbling, as if he were saying something".

The officers later warned an emergency team to move Fret to the Hoare hospital in the capital, where doctors tried in vain to save his life.

The suspect took the mobile phone and wallet from Fret.

"I still see it sometimes on photo's and I do not believe it, it's hard, very difficult," said Rodriguez, who said that prior to the incident, God in a dream revealed that someone "conspired" to be son, who warned Fret to return from Puerto Rico to his hometown in Massachusetts (USA).

Ferret lived with his brother in his homeland and enjoyed the Christmas holidays when he was killed.

Steven Fret, on the other hand, confirmed that the murder of his brother was entrusted by someone "of great power" and that he wanted to take away his cell phone because "he had treasures (in him), a mine".

"He had secrets that no one wants to see, it seems that he had more secrets than my sister and I knew," said Steven in the interview, in which he was accompanied by his sister, Doryann.

Steven, on the other hand, said that his brother, the same day of his death, "left the house without telling anyone."

"If he was going to meet someone, I do not know, he did not tell me where I would stay calm and he did not want me to find out, he had no enemies in Puerto Rico," he said.

"He thought he was my father, my friend, my patron, he always defended me from a very young age," Doryann said about his artist brother.

A few days after the death of Fret, the lawyer of the urban artist Ozuna, whose real name is Antonio Sagardía, reported that his client deposited about $ 50,000 in Fret's bank account, as the ragpicker reportedly extorted Ozuna.

The extortion is probably related to the publication of a gay pornography of the year 2011 in which Ozuna seems mastering.

Ozuna, on the other hand, admitted to local media that she had made that video in New York and that she needed money to support her family.

"Because it's a public eye, you know, there's always a bad guy and a good guy, Kevin can be a fight, a madman, a bad talker, but Kevin was far from a liar, far from it," Doryann said.

"If you really are, you always want to keep quiet, and more in this genre that presents itself as a man, I've always said that, and it was not because I was a talker, but because everything I said was true and the people really does that "said the young woman.

Ozuna, however, refused to be involved in the murder of Fret.


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