Portaltic.-How to individually customize WhatsApp chats with the new background options

MADRID, 6 Dic. (Portaltic / EP) –

WhatsApp has improved options for it adjust the backgrounds chats individually, a feature available from Tuesday, along with more color options for scribbled wallpapers, which the service shows by default.

The option to customize each chat is within the conversation itself. In the options menu, the user sees the section ‘Wallpaper’ and once you click on it, it will pop up in a window where you can change the screen brightness as well as the background image.

In ‘Change’, they find each other four folders: Light, dark, solid colors and My photos. In it the user will find a wide variety of images and in the last folder the images they have taken with the mobile camera. To select an image or photo as wallpaper, just click on the one you like the most.

However, there are times when some images have to be downloaded in order to use them. If the user has free space on the mobile, there is no problem; if not, you can resort to bulk file deletion in WhatsApp’s own service to make space.

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