Scholars will participate in scientific competitions in the Arab Emirates

William Aguilar Páucar of the fifth year of secondary education and Johan Suclli Machacca, of the second year, of the school Daniel Estrada Pérez, who advised by the professor of Communication, Dante Guzmán Farfán, will participate in the International Science Expo Milset 2019, that will take place in the Emirates Arab.

The students' research indicates that a worm living in the stem of the Achupallas, plants of the family of the puyas that grows in very cold climates, could contribute to decontaminating the environment of so many low-density polyethylene or, rather, , from the plastic bags

This work on the worm of Achupalla in the biodegradation of this type of plastics was won with the triumph at the National School Fair of Science and Technology Eureka 2018, organized by the Concytec.

It is worth noting that it was William Aguilar, who, under the guidance of an innate curiosity researcher, sees this worm that leads Achupalla grow in the community of Llachi, the district of Ccatca, Cuzco, province of Quispicanchis, about 4,000 meters above sea level. the sea level

The experiment worked with plastic bags of red, green, yellow and white, but not with transparent plastics, because the animal apparently distinguishes the colors.

Delegations from America, Europe, Africa and Asia will participate in Expo Milset 2019.

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