This is what Daniel Craig looks like as X-Men ‘new Magneto

Ever since Disney acquired Fox and regained movie rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four, Marvel fans have wondered who will play Wolverine in the MCU. But if there’s another character in the mutant saga that the fandom is eagerly looking forward to, it’s Magneto, played by none other than Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender to date. And there are those who already imagine the perfect actor to give their testimony.

Magneto is without a doubt the most charismatic villain in the entire X-Men franchise, as well as one of the most powerful mutants, with a power on par with Charles Xavier’s. His presence is already intimidating in every way, and like McKellen and Fassbender, Disney needs an equally ominous actor to become the new Master of Magnetism.

Digital artist known as spdrmnkyxxiii believes he has found the perfect artist for the role. And it’s none other than Daniel Craig, who still has his latest movie as James Bond: No Time to Die. And judging from his latest publication, reason is not lacking in his proposal.

With Magneto’s iconic adamantium helmet, the same one that keeps Xavier from reading his mind, the maroon cape and a thick gray beard, Craig gives the perfect profile to be the new major mutant threat within the MCU, which can be seen in the design power by holding an unarmed pistol in the air.

The actor’s electric blue look also stands out in the fan art, which in turn is one of the character’s distinguishing features. However, it seems difficult for Craig to apply for the role of Magneto as he has always been reluctant to the big franchises and it even took him to accept his role as James Bond.

But since Dreams is free, fans can always think of a parallel universe where Agent 007 is now the most famous villain in all of X-Men.

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