What are the manufacturers who sold more phones in 2018?

The war for the supremacy of smartphones reached its peak in 2018, with high impact changes at the top and the consolidation of a fourth titan of the segment with Xiaomi. That is why it is always interesting to know what the telephone manufacturer is with the highest volume of sales and market, and the reports of the end of the year are already approaching.

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According to the report from the specialized consulting firm Gartner, Samsung is still the manufacturer that sells the most mobile phones in the world with almost 19% of the market, although this has been delayed in relation to 2017.

Huawei in counterparty has continued to grow and this year with 4% progress compared to the previous the campaign that leads the United States against the Chinese manufacturer can have an impact on this trend in 2019.

Apple remained exactly the same as in 2017, despite the fact that the iPhone generation of this year has not had the expected impact. they even had to reduce the volume of production of his devices, while Xiaomi is already a stone's throw away from the American manufacturer and there are people who think that in 2019 it will drop to fourth place.

This graph of the geniuses of Statista perfectly illustrates these changes how the world mobile phone market is accommodated, although with the innovations that will be presented next year as the phones with flexible screen, the holes in the screen and until the arrival of the 5G, who knows which of the titans are the most beloved.

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