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What for some is a luxury, for others it is synonymous with poverty

A study by the University of Chicago recently revealed that having one iPhone It is the best indicator of wealth. However, the agency MobData denied this report.

The agency referred to this luxurious device in China, where this type of mobile phone is only used by poor people and without studies.

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Unlike in many parts of the world, in China, people who have one iPhone they are usually the ones with the lowest resources and those with the lowest level of education.

MobData It was based on a survey of the profiles of users of mobile devices in China.


What is your favorite iPhone?

The smartphone from Apple the preference of the Chinese is the iPhone released in 2014, the iPhone 6 for its low price.


Interesting facts of the study

The study says that most users of the apple business are single women between 18 and 34 years old, who usually earn less than 3,000 yuan per month ($ 430).

On the contrary, the people who earn a better salary in this country prefer to buy mobile devices from the brands Huawei or Xiaomi.

According to the same study, telephone users Huawei They are married men between the ages of 25 and 34, most with a diploma or university degree, and monthly income between 5,000 and 20,000 yuan.

The research also found that a large proportion of the users of Huawei they own real estate and cars.


Together with Oppo and Vivo, Huawei and Xiaomi, are the favorite brands of smartphone users China, which occupy 80% of the market share in that country.

And in Colombia, who buys an iPhone?

the iPhone It is the most successful mobile phone. According to a survey conducted by the platform e-commerce Linio, that the average price of the coveted cell of Apple in 15 countries of the American continent with their minimum wages, Venezuela It is where more hours of work have to be invested.


On the other side of the ranking is Canada. In the middle, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico.

Linio, noticed the clear price differences between the iPhone in different parts of the world, taking into account aspects that change costs such as taxes and inflation and this is what he thought.

Colombia belongs to the 43rd of the countries that it iPhone cheaper. According to the company, in the country, the smartphone from Apple (Iphone 7) Approximately $ 2.08 million is obtained, a figure below that of some countries in the region as Panama or Chile.


Another study of Deloitte indicated that the most purchased mobile brands are in the country Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Motorola and LG.

However, only to achieve one iPhone 7, A Colombian who earned a minimum salary, as he invokes his total salary, must work for at least 183 days to get it.


These same statistics but with one of the new devices from Apple, the iPhone Xs, and with a minimum wage inside Colombia, about a Colombian would have to work about 624.3 hours.

How easy is it for you to buy an iPhone in Colombia?

Linda Yicela Hernández Sanchez – Colombia.com

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