Youtuber Verónica Duque denounces the beating of her husband, who was later found dead Colombia | World Latin America

At sunrise on Saturday, the famous tattoo artist and youtuber of Manizales, Colombia, Verónica Duque She placed on her social networks that her husband, Esteban Madrigal, had hit her and "caused two gaps in the jaw and a deep wound in the upper lip".

In the publication he added that everything was due to his "degree of alcoholization and unjustified jealousy".

On the morning of Saturday, the authorities reported that the young man of 25 years old did not survive the serious injuries he suffered after he decided to take his own life in the Viscaya sector in Manizales.

After the first publication, the youtuber reported on the death of his partner. "I deeply regret that I have informed you that Esteban decided to end its life immediately after the incident."

He added: "The news strikes me more than anyone else because I did not expect to get two strokes in one night." In memory of the husband whom I worshiped every day and of which I felt completely loved, I ask you please stop the reactions in Your social networks, I wish with all my heart that this is a dream. "

In the capital of Caldas you worry about the number of suicides, because the percentage is the highest in the last decade, according to the latest report of the How Cities Network.

According to the report, there were 24 suicides in 2016 and 37 in 2017; that is an increase of 54%. This year the number is also increasing.

The statistics of the secretariat for women and gender equality in the municipality indicate that 6,000 calls have been reported about attacks in the past 18 months, since line 123 of equality and gender became operational.

Today there are already 900 of the 6,000 calls on the service route.

The data indicate that the largest aggressor is the former partner and that the most common type of violence is physical, followed by psychological violence. The secretary has discovered that intrafamilial cases are due to a lack of tolerance and when it is between couples because of jealousy.

At the moment, the authorities are investigating how events have occurred.

Source: "El Tiempo" from Colombia, GDA

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