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In the last decade, the use of fumaric acid in different end-use industries has been observed in various applications. With growing research and development activities, the field of application of fumaric acid has gone beyond the main food and beverage industry. It is widely used for cosmetic applications, where it regulates the pH of various cosmetic products and maintains the acid nature of the product. This has steadily stimulated the sale of fumaric acid in the cosmetics industry, especially in lotions for cleansing the body. In addition, another aspect that induces the demand for fumaric acid is the increasing use of unsaturated polyester resins and paints in the construction and automotive industries. Fumaric acid is an essential component in the manufacture of paints, alkyd resins and unsaturated polyester resins. In the food industry it is expected that the increasing use of fumaric acid in bakery products will supplement the growth of the world market. Because of its crystalline nature, colorless and odorless properties, fumaric acid is best suited for bakery products that enhance flavors and support the preservation of bakery products.

Using the top-down and bottom-up approach, Fact.MR has deduced that the volume production of fumaric acid would exceed 500 thousand tonnes by the end of the assessment period. The production rate of fumaric acid is expected to increase with a volume of CAGR of 6.2% during the period of prediction, 2017-2026, which is supported by the increasing acceptance of fumaric acid in different end-use applications in the period mentioned. Important players involved in the production of fumaric acid are EMD Millipore, Penta Manufacturing Company, TCI America, Tate & Lyle, AIE Pharmaceuticals, Sigma-Aldrich and ESIM Chemicals.

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Countries in Asia and the Pacific except Japan to demonstrate high consumption of fumaric acid

Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region has favorable business opportunities for different companies. Manufacturers focus on this region because of its growing attractiveness with regard to the demand for food products, beverages, resins, paints and cosmetics. The pharmaceutical and chemical industries have achieved high traction in the emerging economies in APEJ. The need for quality maintenance, control of the pH and the control of the reactivity of various drugs and chemicals are expected to stimulate the use of fumaric acid. According to research, there is a high production of fumaric acid in China, which is also the largest exporter. The food and beverage industry in India and China is ready to face a revival in the coming years. This fact is supported by the increasing population in these countries, which is demanding for new innovations in food and beverages. Fumaric acid is a stabilizing agent, widely used in various juices, energy shakes and drinks. A higher consumption of energy drinks and processed foods is expected to stimulate the demand for fumaric acid in APEJ. According to Fact.MR it is expected that the production of fumaric acid in China will reach more than 186 thousand tons and that the entire APEJ area will reach approximately 300 thousand tons by the end of the assessment year (2026). With regard to production and sales, China is the leading country, but the use of fumaric acid in India is expected to grow relatively faster in the forecasting period.

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Key insights about global Fumaric acid

  • Extraction of fumaric acid with the aid of fermentation is expected to increase because it produces high-quality and effective fumaric acid products. The rate at which fermentation is assumed is expected to exceed 8% in the forecast period. The use of maleic anhydrite for fumaric acid production by some manufacturers is also observed during the period considered
  • The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have shown a similar consumption of fumaric acid. However, higher sales of fumaric acid in pharmaceutical applications have been observed compared to cosmetics. Food and drinks continue to lead the world market
  • In applications, fumaric acid is widely used in food additives and unsaturated polyester resins. In addition, animal feed is another area of ​​application where the consumption of fumar is expected to increase more rapidly during the forecast period. It is expected that it will grow by 8.7% during the entire analysis period, 2017-2026

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