2 NegOcc electricity cages increase the power consumption

BACOLOD CITY – Two of the three electric cooperatives in Negros Occidental have increased their electricity tariffs for the month of August due to tariff recovery and upward adjustments to various costs.

The Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO), which includes Bacolod and the three adjacent cities and two cities, has announced an increase from PHP0.18 to PHP 0.20 per kilowatt hour (kWh), depending on the type of consumer.

This month the flow rate for & # 39; affected consumers & # 39; or the assets covered by the restoration of the sector assets and liabilities management of the energy sector (PSALM) PHP12.1384 per kWh, higher by PHP0.2075 than the July rate of P11.9309. These consumers are also affected by the adjustments made by Kepco Salcon Power Corporation (KSPC) and Energreen Development Corporation.

"Unaffected consumers", or those who did not use electricity in that period, but are still covered by adjustments for KSPC and Energreen Development Corporation, will pay an increase of PHP0.1812 per kWh this month – to PHP11.8117 of the rate from last month. PHP11.6305.

Leomel Tambanillo, manager of the Corporate Planning division at CENECO, said that they have implemented adjustments due to the PHP14.5 million recovery of PSALM's generational speed adjustment mechanism and incremental exchange rate.

He added that CENECO also implemented a fixed rate of PHP0.0817 per kWh as an adjustment for KSPC, while movements in various costs, such as generation and transmission, also increased the power consumption.

The Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative (NOCECO) increased the August power by PHP0.0044 per kWh – from PHP11.2485 in July to PHP 11.2529 this month.

NOCECO General Director Jon Discaya said that the higher electricity percentage this month can be attributed to higher transmission and system loss costs, subsidy percentages and value added tax (VAT) on transmission.

The transmission load increased by PHP 0.0012 per kWh, while the costs for system loss, subsidy rates and VAT increased by PHP 0.0071 per kWh, PHP 0.094 per kWh and PHP 0.0096 per kWh, respectively.

On the other hand, the Northern Negros Electric Cooperative (NONECO) reported a decrease of PHP0.1687 per kWh in the August capacity due to a decrease of PHP0.1984 per kWh in the generation load.

However, increases of PHP0.0270 and PHP0.0027 for transmission and other loads were also noted by NONECO. (PNA)

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