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From Jel Santos

Three tow truck workers from a towing company accredited by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) were circumvented at the beginning of Saturday for extortion complaints filed against them in Marikina City.

Credit: Pixabay / MANILA BULLETIN

Credit: Pixabay / MANILA BULLETIN

The police even found shabu from one of them.

The police identified the suspects as Bernard Soriano, 36; Reason Rosendo, 32; and Robbie Collado, 31. All are employees of MJDamian Towing Service, owned by Mark Joseph Damian.

Meanwhile, the victim was Archie Samputan, 31, a driver with 12 wheels.

The first investigation showed that the three suspects were arrested by the Marikina police at two o'clock in the morning during a detention on FVR Road in Barangay IVC, Marikina.

Prior to the trap, the 12-wheeler stopped in Pasig City and was towed by the suspects when Samputan was repairing the truck.

After repairing the truck, Samputan could not leave.

The suspects, he said, asked him for P9.500.

When the driver was unable to give the requested amount, the defendants took two truck batteries from the Samputan truck.

Reportedly, they told him that they will not give the batteries unless his boss pays them, P9, 500.

Confiscated were the two batteries, the marked money and two plastic bags with shabu.

MMDA General Manager Jose Arturo Garcia recently announced that they wanted to buy their own towing vehicles after numerous complaints about corruption against their authorized towing companies.

The agency, to recall, said they no longer use towing unless requested by local authorities or for stalled vehicles. This was caused by alleged complaints about corruption.

The suspects are now being detained in the detention cell of the Marikina City police station.

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