& # 39; What did you do to help? & # 39;

Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio says that the actions of the Davao City government against rape cases should not be lost on the president's repertoire and the attacks by those who hate his guts and humor & # 39;

Published at 11:14 am, September 1, 2018

Updated at 11:14 am, 1 September 2018

PRESIDENTAL DAUGHTER. Davao City Mayor comes to the defense of her father. Photo from the Facebook page of City Government of Davao

PRESIDENTAL DAUGHTER. Davao City Mayor comes to the defense of her father. Photo from the Facebook page of City Government of Davao

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio has once again come to the defense of her father after the impact of his last wave of rape.

Carpio turned back on critics of President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday evening, August 31, while according to the police, she listed the steps of the city government to curb the incidence of rape in Davao City, the highest in the country in the second quarter of 2018.

"This positive effect of government action should not be lost in the President's repertoire and the attacks by those who hate his guts and humor, I can honestly say that there was action and positive effect," the mayor said.

"And I ask this question to anyone who seems to want to see Davao City fail – what have you done to help?" she added.

Carpio published the statement because legislators and women's groups admonished Duterte to blame for blaming & # 39; when he joked that the high incidence of rape in Davao City is due to the presence of "many beautiful women."


Carpio mentioned several interventions by the city government and its partner agencies to curb the incidence of rape.

"One of these interventions, and the most effective ones, are targeted communities where children are taught about sexuality and sexual abuse, even when a family member's contact is no longer appropriate and acceptable," she said.

Carpio said during discussions of the Peace and Order Council of Davao City in 2017 that it was discovered that many cases in the city "incestuous rape or rape by someone who has a close relationship with the victim, such as a neighbor or a friend."

She said that the Davao City Social Services and Development Office (CSDDO) had the task to run programs to address the problem.

She said that the interventions have led to a "significant decrease" in the number of rape cases – from 120 in the first semester of 2017 to 95 in the same period in 2018.

& # 39; Not funny & # 39;

Senator Risa Hontiveros on Saturday, September 1 joined other voices in condemning the Chief Executive and called on those who have defended the rape.

"It is very troubling to see a president joking about rape, and for those who defend it by calling it a joke, and telling us not to overburden it, I can assure you that there is no victim of rape or survivor, not a single woman – because every woman is at risk in this rape culture – will find it once funny, "she said.

Malacañang also has the & # 39; humor & # 39; of the president. Presidential spokesman Harry Harry Roque said that people should not take the joke seriously, and that only people in Luzon seem offended by the joke.

Hontiveros also stressed that rape "is not admiring," as Duterte's joke suggested.

"It's the filthiest form of violence against women, I ask President Rodrigo Duterte: is this how men admire women?" she said.

"President Duterte should stop blaming women and dress us for the growing number of rape cases: beauty does not cause rape, rapists do, but rape is the rapist's fault, & # 39; Hontiveros added.

Gabriel Women & # 39; s Party said that Duterte & # 39; a very dangerous and distorted message & # 39; sent, a "flamboyant display of misogyny, leading to more Filipino women at risk of being raped."

When Duterte first came under pressure on a rape joke in which an Australian missionary was killed during the 2016 presidential campaign, Carpio revealed that she herself was a victim of rape, but she did not take offense at that joke.

Duterte had her a drama queen & # 39; mentioned in answer to her questions in the media about the revelation of her daughter that she was a victim of rape. – With a report from Pia Ranada / Rappler.com

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