ACTS-OFW party list Rep. Aniceto Bertiz III gives the debt & # 39; period & # 39; for eruption

ACTS-OFW party list Rep. Aniceto Bertiz III gives the debt & # 39; period & # 39; for eruption

House to gauge legislator in NAIA video

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A legislator yesterday attributed that he was seen in a viral video report security protocols at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) after a "monthly period".

ACTS-OFW party list Rep. Aniceto Bertiz III is confronted with an investigation by the House of Representatives into his behavior.

Bertiz apologized again yesterday and said that he is "willing to undergo any investigation".

"I'm very sorry for my actions, it's really unaffordable as a public official, my actions at the airport were totally unfounded," he said at yesterday's press conference.

Bertiz also said that "I have been a member of the Congress for the past three years, once a year after a monthly period."

Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said yesterday that she drew the attention of minority leader Danilo Suarez in the case of Bertiz, who represents the Philippine workers' sector abroad.

Suarez assured the public that they "set up an investigation". He said they only collected evidence and hinted that a complaint can be filed with the House Ethics Committee, especially if a complainant comes forward to file a complaint.

"We will go deeper into this issue," Suarez told reporters in a casual interview.

In the viral video, Bertiz saw an Office of Transportation Security (OTS) officer harassing and refused to take off his shoes on the last screen of the airport before his departure at about 06:45 on Saturday.

Bertiz saw his NAIA access card slide into the officer's face, later identified as Hamilton Abdul, and taking the officer's ID card.

He also denied that he was excluded from the list of party lists, and said that his prosecutor, Feliciano Adorna, was the one who was expelled from ACTS-OFW.

"We have filed accusations against him because he misrepresented himself as a member of Congress, in fact he was already banned because of his unscrupulous activities," he said.

No exceptions

President spokesman Harry Roque yesterday reminded all government officials to adhere to airport procedures and said that President Duterte, like any passenger, complies with airport security controls.

"Let's learn by way of example what the president is doing," he said in a press conference. "He goes through the X-ray machine, and he does not ask for special treatment."

Roque said the administration will leave it to the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) to investigate the incident.


Bertiz also said that he saw "Chinese-looking" passengers who had not been asked to remove their shoes – a claim that was denied by MIAA-general manager Ed Monreal, who said they watched the recordings of closed TV broadcasts on Saturday.

"At that moment we did not see any Chinese-looking passengers, Bertiz followed (Ilocos Norte Gov.) Imee Marcos, who took off her shoes and stopped in the X-ray machine," said Monreal.

The OTS said that Bertiz "absolutely violated the airport security protocols" with its actions.

OTS administrator Art Evangelista said he is waiting for the recommendation of the Ministry of Transport and President Duterte before deciding on the matter.

"The safety and safety of passengers is the primary concern of the OTS, and it strongly denounces the shameless contempt of safety actors of the legislator who could endanger safety," he said.

Monreal said the airport is located on Security Alert 2, which means that all passengers and employees have to take off their shoes at the last safety checkpoint.

Ouster calls

Migrant workers in Hong Kong yesterday sought the deposition of Bertiz for his "arrogant and disrespectful behavior". at the NAIA.

In a statement, United Filipinos in HK-Migrant HK chair Dolores Balladares-Pelaez said that Bertiz is a "fake OFW representative and the usual abuser of authority."

She said that Bertiz & # 39; is not even an OFW. He actually owns one of the largest recruitment agencies in the Philippines. & # 39;

In his Linkedin profile, Bertiz is the president and CEO of Global Asia Alliance Consultant Inc. and the spokesman for the OFW Advocates Coalition.

Do not go

Meanwhile, special assistant of President Christopher "Bong" Go said that Bertiz can be his friend but must be responsible for his own actions.

"I do not know his words and actions, let him explain what really happened in the viral video," he said in a statement yesterday.

He also emphasized that security checks at airports do not excuse or exempt anyone, even congressmen like Bertiz do not.

The congressman also came under fire after he joked during the massive swearing in of agriculture and bio mechanics on 25 September: unless they knew Go, they would not get their license for the Professional Regulation Commission. He apologized for his blunder. – With Alexis Romero, Sheila Crisostomo, Edith Regalado

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