Believe, community-based rehab program's solution to drug problems, says Palma

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma leads a Mass attended by former drug users who have undergone rehabilitation under the Surrender to God (SuGod) project that was held on Sunday 26 August 2018 at the IC3 Pavilion in Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City.

The drug problem of the country can not be solved by violence, but by spiritual enlightenment, faith and a solid support group.

This is also the message of archbishop Jose Palma when he celebrated the mass for the more than 500 recovering drug convictions of various faith and community oriented rehabilitation centers in Cebu during the Be Intimate with God (BIG) day on Sunday 26 August.

"Innovation only happens when we have the grace of God upon us, and we encourage everyone who is part of the recovery program to submit to God because change can not be achieved in a week or a month but in a lifetime," said Palma in Cebuano.

He also said that the success of the faith-based community-based rehab programs will prove that recovery, not killing, will solve the country's drug problem.

Some of those attending mass in the IC3 pavilion in Barangay Mabolo for former drug users who have undergone the diocese rehabilitation program, take a grouphy before Mass is celebrated by Archbishop Jose Palma.

"Kung atong tan-awon, with tokhang nga nahitabo sa Pilipinas ug dinhi sa Cebu, daghan ang nahadlok, daghan ang nangamatay ug naproblema sa daghan nga nasugamak sa addiction Apan nalipay kita nga by the inspiration of the mind, afterwards Sugod (Surrender to God) ug base sa testimonies sa mga batches nga nigraduate, duna gyod chance sa kabag-ohan, "said Palma.
(When tokhang started in the country, specifically here in Cebu, many were scared, many were killed and the problem of many drug dependent persons rose, but we are glad that we started with the Sugod through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and Based on the testimonials of his graduates, there is really a chance of extension.)

Surrender to God (Sugod) is one of the initiatives of the Archdiocese of Cebu to assist in the rehabilitation of drug dependent persons in the various communities. This month Sugod marked the second year since the first series of faith-based rehabilitation started.

Fe Barino, chairman of the Commission on the Laity and one of the main organizers of Sugod, said they would organize the Big Day as a monthly event to provide a sustainable way for the recovering traditions.

"This will be something every month that is held here every last Sunday of the month at the IEC Pavilion, for those non-community repairers who suffer in silence so that they have a place to go and a support group. They need God and this is a special prayer meeting for those who are trying to recover, "Barino said.

According to Barino, Sugod begins the 15th series of traditions to undergo the faith-based rehabilitation program on 3 September.

She said that those who are interested in being part of the program can inquire about the charismatic community center of the love of God in barangay Yati, Liloan.

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