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Bonifacio Global City (BGC) will apply a new one-way traffic regulation on 17 September on certain important roads to improve the traffic situation in the area.



The traffic flow from 9th Avenue to 34th Street, 5th Avenue, all the way to 7th Avenue will be counter-clockwise.

To go back to 9th Avenue, drivers have to turn left on Federacion Drive.

The other traffic route also follows a counter-clockwise direction. So from Rizal drivers turn left to 28th St., then left again on 11th Avenue and left towards 30th Street.

A diagram of the new traffic plan is posted on the Facebook page of BGC.

The new traffic regulation, once implemented, Jun Galvez, general manager of Bonifacio Estate Service Corporation, said in a statement: "the most efficient traffic circulation plan for the street network of BGC."

BGC also reminded drivers that wheel clamps and towing are still strictly enforced against illegally parked vehicles.

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