Bizman's lawyer in viral video says that police have planted incriminating evidence & # 39;

Bizman's lawyer in viral video says that police have planted incriminating evidence & # 39;

( – August 25, 2018 – 13:58

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Businessman Arnold Aquino Padilla will file criminal and administrative charges against some police officers who have robbed the house of his family last Friday because of so-called & # 39; incriminating evidence & # 39; against him, his lawyer said Saturday.

Armed with a search warrant, lawyers plundered the house of Padilla and the residence of his bodyguard, Alfie Ortiz, located in the exclusive Magallanes Subdivision in Makati City.

According to police, Padilla and Ortiz delivered several firearms and ammunition during the attack. The judges also found hand grenades in the apartment unit rented by Ortiz.

In a text message, Padilla & # 39; s lawyer Raymond Fortun said that the businessman's family denies possession and possession of two grenades of grenades found by the police.

Fortun said that a safety film showed that two police officers entered the kitchen of the family before the actual search took place and without the presence of the media, the barangay and every member of the household.

"It is not surprising that the grenades were found shortly after the illegal infringement by the police personnel," said the lawyer.

"The family will seek all legal remedies to protect their rights, including filing appropriate criminal and administrative charges against the errant police officers and those who have instructed them to add incriminating evidence against Arnold Padilla & # 39 ;," he's ready.

A security video in which Padilla, his resident partner and his bodyguard were verbally abused during a heated argument about a traffic violation and beat a traffic warder, recently went viral on social media and got a backlash from netizens.

Director Guillermo Eleazar of the headquarters of the national metropolitan region, who led the robbery team, clarified that the search had nothing to do with the incident with Padilla and Ortiz.

According to Eleazar, the police had built a case against Padilla following reports that he had several firearms without a license. Padilla is also faced with various complaints from his neighbors, GMA News reported Friday. – with reports from The STAR / Non Alquitran

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