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MANILA • The tradition of a father walking his daughter through the aisle has become much more than just giving away the bride. It is a special and emotional moment that is shared by father and daughter during a life-changing milestone.

A father in the Philippines brought a new meaning to this time-honored tradition when he accompanied his youngest daughter on her special day while he was sick and bed-bound.

A photo of the walk, simply titled "A Father's Love", posted on August 9, went fast virally, with 22,000 likes and 15,000 shares so far. The photo was taken by Law Tapalla Photography, the official wedding photographer.

The bride, Mrs. Charlotte Gay Villarin, has her fingers laced over that of her father who, despite his weakness, lovingly looks at his daughter from a stretcher, who is pulled down the aisle. Her mother is left of the bride.

An interview with Coconuts Manila showed that Pedro Villarin (65) had advanced liver cancer.

Mrs. Villarin said that her father should go on a wheelchair through the aisle. But because he was so weak on the wedding day, he had to be put on a stretcher of the ambulance.

Paradox Films, who filmed the wedding, shared that Mr. Villarin called his daughter "Love". The first part of the wedding video is a tribute to him.

Ms. Villarin admitted in a Facebook message on 10 August that the wedding was "not as happy as it should be" given her father's condition.

From December wedding, the date had to be pushed up to August due to the weakening state of her father. She said that aside from the stress of planning a wedding within a month, "sleepless nights" were also spent caring for her father who was "in and out of the hospital".

Still there was good luck on the occasion

"As I always say, this wedding is not just for me … This wedding is usually for my papu (father). He has waited at this moment and finally have we made it his dream to walk with me to the altar was made possible by the mercy of the Lord. "

Ms. Villarin announced on 14 August that her father had died. It seems that this father knew he had a final mission before he breathed his last breath – to witness his eternal love.


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