CBCP offers prayers for OFW dead found in Saudi Arabia

MANILA – The head of the Catholic Episcopal Conference of the Philippines – Episcopal Committee for Pastoral Care for Migrants and Outpatients (CBCP-ECMI) Monday prayed for the Filipino Workers Overseas (OFWs) who were killed in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia Arabia (KSA) last week.

"We pray for her peace with God, her loved ones to be stronger and to trust God more for His righteousness and mercy," said CBCP-ECMI Chairman Bishop Ruperto Santos in an interview.

Santos expressed the hope that the Philippine and Saudi Arab authorities will act quickly to bring the perpetrator of the crime to justice.

"We pray and hope that all our government and KSA authorities make an effort to find, prosecute and punish the murderer of our OFWs," said Santos.

The Balanga prelate expressed his sadness at the death of 52-year-old OFW who was found in a hotel in Jeddah.

"It is very sad and tragic news A single life is very important All life has to be protected, promoted It is urgent that the government should concentrate more on the welfare and well-being of our OFWs in KSA , "he said.

"A necessary and thorough investigation must be carried out to know the truth and justice will be properly served," Santos added. (PNA)

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