City Hall traces & # 39; missing properties & # 39;

The district office of Iloilo City Rep. Jerry P. Treñas at Gen. Macario Peralta Street, City Proper. (Ricky D. Alejo)

The Iloilo City government carries out an inventory of its properties, including the building where the Rep. Jerry Treñas is established.

Part of the congress building was formerly also occupied by the urban agriculture office and the Animal Bite Center.

Location manager Atty. Hernando Galvez clarified that the inventory is still running before the issue of the electricity meter erupted.

Earlier, Mayor Jose Espinosa III asked the Panay Electric Company (PECO) to end meter no. S-15313 from the city's agricultural office and the Animal Bite Center after their transfer to the nearby Kerr & Co. building.

But it turned out that the Treñas office shared the same meter that was owned by the two government buildings of the city.

The City Hall pays for the energy bill of his office, Treñas said.

"We have done the inventory of our premises, starting with lots and buildings, we do not have a specific property, the inventory is general," Galvez said.

Galvez said the inventory was far too late because there are no titles in some properties in the city.

"My office also helps, so that we can identify the properties that belong to us. Kay damo pa mga opisina nga naga-kinahanglan sang buildings, "he said.

He also said that there are areas that are owned by the city and that are already occupied by private individuals.

"May isa after da ka building sa Jaro nga can predict ang syudad. May project kita tani pero indi ma-to carry out kay may gatindog after nga building. Sa Molo may duta after da nga kuno iya sang syudad pero indi makita ang dokumento. That's why we need full access to this information, "he added.

Galvez said it is not yet possible to quantify the loss of the city government with the unidentified and missing properties.

He stressed that the inventory would also save city officials for possible cases in the future.

"Kay basi may mga duta nga aton after gali pero ginbakal pa naton liwat," he said.

There has been a problem regarding the ownership of the building used by Treñas and the two government buildings of the city.

But on the basis of his memory Galvez said that the urban agriculture building has existed for a long time before he even became a lawyer.

"We really can not determine what went wrong since we could not determine what happened before. Ang aton long we look forward, not backwards, "he said.

Galvez further emphasized that they have nothing to do with the electricity in the Treñas office because it is not connected to the city government.

He also said that the congressman's office has an allocation for the energy bill.

"Personally, I do not know that it's the city hall that pays for that office's account," he said.

Espinosa previously denied that he is after Treñas, his likely rival for mayor in the 2019 elections.

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