De Lima claims that Duterte has made the plans to sell Robredo

De Lima claims that Duterte has made the plans to sell Robredo

MANILA, Philippines – Opposition Sen. Leila de Lima warned yesterday of what she called the malicious conspiracy of President Duterte to oust Vice President Leni Robredo to allow ex-Senator Bongbong Marcos to follow him if he resigned before his term ended in 2022.

De Lima, who is being held at Camp Crame, said that Duterte is destroying the public image of Robredo to make it easier for him to sell the floating fraudulent "Marcos" victory to the people at the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET). "

She said that Duterte would appoint more judges to the Supreme Court, who would probably decide on crucial matters that would benefit the administration.

"Duterte has different ideas as to how he will be replaced in case he decides to resign before his term ends." He has expressed his preference for Bongbong Marcos, Chiz Escudero, a military junta (but) none of them includes the constitutional manner of follow-up, which is the only legal way to replace him, "she said in a statement of detention.

With the campaign to switch to a federal system, anything but death in Congress, and the idea of ​​a military junta that would not suffocate us in the armed forces, the only viable option remains to make sure that Marcos is in the position is to succeed as vice president when Duterte decides. to resign, according to the Senator.

"As mathematics improves from coated SC voices to favor a fake Marcos victory, Marcos-Robredo's PET case will unravel to his malicious conclusion," De Lima said.

After he admitted he was exhausted from fighting corruption and illegal drugs, Duterte repeatedly claimed that he was willing to step down if Marcos or Escudero would succeed him.

In his various public assignments, Duterte publicly belittled the leadership capabilities of Robredo by saying that she could not cope with the drug threat in the country, making her unfit to be his successor.

With the political machinery of Duterte, De Lima said that the only weapon of the Filipino people against a return of Marcos sponsored by Duterte is vigilance and resistance.

"After the Supreme Court has shown its ability to carry out the unconstitutional deposition of its own supreme justice, it can no longer be invoked to be the guardian of the constitution and the rule of law," she said.

The SC previously confirmed the removal of former chief judge Maria Lourdes Sereno, who was removed from office in June by a quo-warranto petition.

Duterte recently appointed deputy judge Teresita Leonardo-de Castro to replace Sereno.

& # 39; Prison hallucination & # 39;

Responding to De Lima's assertion, the presidential spokesman Harry Roque said he could experience hallucinations in prison.

"Hallucination of the prison. (The) fate of the vice president lies with the Supreme Court and not with the president," Roque said before joining Duterte and the official delegation to take the non-stop flight to Israel for an official visit.

Roque turned the tables against De Lima because she did not know the law when she became justice secretary.

"How can we undo that, that is pending in the PET, the SC, not the president, so it also shows that she is not fully aware of our constitutional system, surprising because she became secretary of justice, & # 39, Roque said.

Although Duterte repeatedly belittled Robredo's ability to lead the country, Roque assured the public that the Chief Executive would not be able to influence the PET or other agencies involved in Marcos's election protests.

"He can not intervene, too, he has more and more appointees, a majority is still not his appointees," said Roque, when he strengthened Duterte's preference for people like the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos instead of Robredo. to have him succeeded.

"He prefers everyone to Robredo, that's the truth, unfortunately Marcos is the only one awaiting (protest) …" he added.

The palace also trivialized Robredo's call to focus the president on the economy instead of attacking her.

"The president is able to focus on these things and concentrate on her No, he is able to multitask, and maybe he does not think she is qualified, because hindi pupuwedeng multi-tasking (multi- tasking) does not work in her world view, "Roque said.

He also challenged the vice president's claim on "recycled rations" by the president.

"It's not a recycled rant, it's always been his views … with respect for her, it can not be recycled because his views never change," he said.

When asked why Duterte appointed Prime Minister Menardo Guevarra as an officer of the government instead of Robredo, Roque said that the president only appoints the person he trusts for the post while he is absent. – With Christina Mendez

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