Duterte replies: Sison dies of cancer

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – President Duterte has renamed the positions on the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), President Jose Ma. Sison says it is the last one that "dies" due to complications from colon cancer.

"What's wrong with Sison is that he is suffering from cancers of the colon, intestines, and has undergone surgery several times, but the cancer has spread to his pancreas," Duterte said in remarks for soldiers in Davao City.

"Still, he is proud of being comatose, comatose you s ***, you're the one who dies, how arrogant," Duterte said.

The 73-year-old Chief Executive is clearly dismayed at the fact that Sison repeatedly calls him a sick man. Duterte admitted to have admired Sison during his student days at Lyceum in the Philippines, where the founder of the CPP had been his teacher.

While Duterte claimed that he was in good agreement with local rebels in Davao during his tenure as mayor, he said that Sison had lost the tangible of reality on the ground.

Duterte said that Sison, 79, has lost his ideology and is now resorting to sneaky tactics by questioning his health.

"Sison's Bible is his brain, Wala, do not believe him, he's old," Duterte added.

"Look at him now, instead of talking about an ideology, if there is one, he says that I am comatose, that I am dead, or that my thing that dangles there can not become more difficult," he said.

Instead of referring to the Netherlands, where Sison is in exile, Duterte claimed that the "Norwegian government" has regarded the communist leader as "a freeloader".

Norway is an external broker between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF).

"He's the kind of person that would come with you to receive everything for free, there's really nothing left," Duterte added.

& # 39; That's why you should tell them to come down. When you come down, I will give you the houses I built for the soldiers. I told you to be the first, "he said.

Duterte canceled last June all negotiations on the back door for peace with the CPP and its political wing, NDF and the New People & # 39; s Army (NPA).

The government said it needed to consult with stakeholders to determine the final steps towards a peace agreement with the Left.

"Do not just sit down there, go back and tell your comrades that they have to come down so you can talk to Duterte," the president said to Sison.

Duterte assured the rebels that the government would give them everything they needed to be able to enter society again.

Sison claimed on Wednesday that the Duterte regime used the CPP, the NPA and the revolutionary movement to create a completely fascist dictatorship & # 39; to establish.

In a statement on the 50th year of the CPP, Sison said that CPP takes stock of its achievements and honors its heroes and martyrs, as well as the working masses of workers and peasants.

"The US-Dutert regime is trying to make the CPP, NPA and the revolutionary mass movement of the people scapegoat to bring about a fully inflated fascist dictatorship," Sison said.

"It uses the most brutal and misleading tactics in the vain attempt to destroy the revolutionary forces.These tactics used by Oplan Kapayapaan are related to those used in Oplan Tokhang and Double Barrel," he added.

Sison said barangay officials are forced to name suspicious revolutionaries in the communities, supposedly to let them participate in fake surrender and receive payments.

He said the list also serves as a list of deaths, because military officers get higher payment for those killed in fake encounters. Like the police in the war on drugs, military officers are more than ever killed as butchers and corrupted, he said.

Magdalo party list Rep. Gary Alejano also claimed that President Duterte is very ill, contrary to the statement of his allies.

At a news forum in Quezon City, Alejano said he had been informed by a person in the Duterte neighborhood that he was not at the risk of health.

"I believe in the information given to us by this person who has access to the president," said Alejano. He refused to give details.

He said that Duterte's absence in the aftermath of monsoon destruction, as well as his physical appearance, is proof that something is wrong with the president.

He urged Malacañang to be transparent about the subject.

"What we want is that every time he undergoes a medical check-up, his bulletin must be released to the public," Alejano said.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque Jr. hit Alejano in the trap because he claimed that Duterte has health problems.

"He did not have any problems anymore and that's why he now focuses on the health of the president," says Roque. – With Jose Rodel Clapano, Emmanuel Tupas, Christina Mendez

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