Investments meet for Philippine overseas countries to focus on the agricultural sector

Investments meet for Philippine overseas countries to focus on the agricultural sector

August 27, 2018 – 0:53

Investments meet for Philippine overseas countries to focus on the agricultural sector

From left: Gie Sinaon of Isabel Granada Aneurysm Awareness Foundation; Dexter Villamin, CEO and founder of DV Boer Farm International; AFREEQ chairman Joseph Timothy Rivera and Sheikha Thalia Al Thani of StarNET at a conference to announce the Philippine Agricultural Livelihood & Reintegration Conference – Qatar (PALREC) yesterday.

DOHA: Investment opportunities and programs for agriculture and livestock farming for foreign Filipinos are the core of the Philippine Agricultural Livelihood & Reintegration Conference – Qatar (PALREC) held on November 16th.

Organized by the Association of Filipino Realtors & Entrepreneur Executives in Qatar (AFREEQ), the event is a rebrand of the annual Philippine Property & Investments Show – Qatar (PPISQ) that began in 2015.

"Now in its fourth consecutive year, PPISQ will be renamed PALREC based on current business trends in the Philippines, alongside real estate and conventional investment, and includes improved seminars on agriculture in the Philippines and farm livelihood opportunities, the development of agricultural projects, agricultural-based microfinance, financial literacy and recurring OFW reintegration programs, among others. "The president of AFREEQ, Joseph Timothy Rivera, said yesterday during a press conference at The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa.

Prominent Filipino government officials will be invited as keynote speakers during the event, Rivera said. DV Boer Farm International, a privately-owned private company located in the Philippines, which is the platinum sponsor of the conference, will organize seminars on living expenses and a job fair during the event. "This is a very good year for DV Boer here in Qatar, because our legal profession that we founded four years ago has grown enormously.We have developed several ways that Filipinos can enjoy the benefits of farming in the Philippines and now we invite Filipinos to go back home and enrich ourselves, along with the opportunity to participate in our goat and cattle-rearing & # 39; Pa-Iwi & # 39; program & # 39 s agriculture in the Philippines, "said Dexter Villamin, CEO and founder of DV Boer Farm International.

There is growing appetite among Philippines overseas regarding agricultural investments in their homeland. In just four years after its inception, DV Boer generated around Php1.5 billion agi investments and is ready for an estimated 400 percent growth, Villamin said.

He added that currently about 20,000 goats and 6,000 cattle are raised in 74 sub-farms & # 39; in the Philippines. "Surprisingly, many Filipinos in Qatar supported our agricultural program" s, not only the "Pa-Iwi", but also microfinance and Magsasaka Incorporated, and because of this huge support from our kababayans, not only in Qatar, but worldwide, we were able to offer more roads for Filipinos, not only to benefit, but also to return home, to be with their families and to enjoy the abundant agriculture in the Philippines, "he said.

PALREC will also include an open-for-the-public exhibition of Philippine industries and a trade fair for local Filipino entrepreneurs treated by LiQha Creative Arts.

The event will also be the launch of StarNET, which will sponsor the visiting Filipino showbiz personalities, organized by Eric Fructuoso, said Sheikha Thalia Al Thani of StarNET.

PALREC will culminate in a gala dinner marking the first anniversary of Isabel Granada, the foremost celebrity entrepreneur who decorated the Philippine trade and tourism conference last year – Qatar. The event will also witness the international launch of the Isabel Granada Aneurysm Awareness Foundation Inc. (ISA & AA) Foundation.

"On 7 November last year, a group of individuals laid the foundation to make people aware of the aneurysm that caused the death of Isabel Granada," said Gie Sinaon of the ISA & AA; Foundation.

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