Malacañang to Peter Lim: surrender

MALACAÑANG called on Thursday a high-profile drug suspect and businessman Peter Lim from Cebu to peacefully surrender to the authorities.

"We're asking Peter Lim, please give in. If you're innocent, prove your innocence in court, get your day in court, I just asked him to surrender," said President Roald Harry Roque a press conference.

"He is now technically a fugitive of the law because there is an order to arrest him," he added.

Lim was arrested by a court in Makati City, after the Justice Department had indicted him and three others because of "conspiracy to commit illicit drug trafficking & # 39 ;.

The police of Cebu City tried to serve the arrest warrant against Lim, but he was nowhere to be found in the two city addresses he listed.

Roque said that Lim "has nothing to fear as a victim of injustice" because the Philippine judiciary has already proven its independence from the world.

"I'm just saying surrender, I'm not attractive, I just want to say that if you do not surrender, we'll still get you, but if you're innocent, we'll guarantee you get your day in court," he.
"We have competent courts, so I think he should surrender," he added.

Similarly, Roque said that no information was available about whether or not Lim left the country.

Last week, Lim's attorneys in Manila filed a petition for certiorari at the Supreme Court to challenge his charges, saying that the evidence presented to the businessman was nothing more than rumors.

His spokesman Dioscoro "Jun" Fuentes said that the decision whether or not to surrender lies with Lim.

"That's entirely up to him," he said in an interview.

Fuentes claimed that he had lost contact with his boss since last month.

"I really have no knowledge about his whereabouts now," he said.

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