MMDA: P10k fine on bus leaving Edsa & # 39; s yellow lane

The Metro Manila Development Authority is considering imposing a fine of P10,000 on buses that leave the yellow lane to improve the flow of traffic along Edsa.

MMDA: P10k fine on bus leaving Edsa & # 39; s yellow lane
FIND AND FINE THEY. The transportation authorities of Metro Manila are studying the possibility of imposing a hefty P10,000 fine against every bus that runs out of the yellow lane – a movement aimed at improving the traffic flow along the already heavily overloaded Epifanio. loose Santos Avenue, the main road in Metro Manila which cuts through the capital of 16 million inhabitants. Manny Palmero

Members of the Metro Manila Council, the policy-making body of the MMDA, made this announcement at a recent meeting in Mandaluyong City, where they also discussed the fate of the controversial Expanded High Occupancy Vehicle Traffic program that prohibits drivers without escorts by Edsa in the rush hour from 7 am to 10 am and 6 pm to 9 pm, from Monday to Friday.

The MMC is composed of 17 mayors and local government officials in the National Capital Region.

"There were proposals that were raised by the mayors … We will study this issue," said Mayor of Quezon, Herbert Bautista, who chairs the special committee for the traffic of the Council.

At the moment, the MMDA is fine-tuning the yellow lane breakers with the P500.

According to the yellow lane policy, buses are forbidden to travel outside the two lanes designated for them, while private vehicles may only go 100 meters before leaving the yellow lane.

MMDA general manager Jose Arturo Garcia Jr. expressed his optimism that the new policy would soften the traffic along Edsa.

The MMC also approved an increase in fines for illegal parking in Metro Manila, from P200 to P1,000 for attended illegally parked cars, and from P300 to P2000 plus a towage rate for unguarded illegally parked vehicles.

"We really need to increase these penalties because our drivers can no longer drive through alternative routes because they are obstructed by illegally parked vehicles," says Garcia.

"We really need to do something and we encourage people to go carpooling," he added.

Senator Grace Poe said in the Senate that the long-delayed release of subsidies for the modernization of the transport sector is being scrutinized when the Senate discusses the budget of the Ministry of Transport.

Poe, the chairman of the Senate Committee for Public Services, said that the financial support of P80,000 given to jeepney drivers is not sufficiently influenced by the modernization program.

Poe said she was not against modernization, but wants to know how the program is being implemented.

She said that 600,000 motorists would be affected by modernization. "What will be the replacement if they cancel their route and how can they buy a jeepney that costs P1.2 million to P1.8 million if they get P80,000 for the deposit?" Said Poe.

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