More agricultural graduates need: DoST-10 exec

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY– The Department of Science and Technology (DoST) in North Mindanao said it noticed a decline in student-enrolled students studying courses related to agriculture, indicating that it can influence the agricultural sector in the long term.

DOST-10 Regional Director Alfonso Alamban said that there are no indications that the decline of registered farmers in Agricultural programs is related to the K 12-curriculum of the Department of Education.

Alamban noted that enrollment in agricultural-related courses by governmental scholars in recent years was mostly anemia, although he did not mention specific figures.

The DoST-10 official said, however, that the agency's scholarship program could help turn the tide by promoting agro-based programs.

Nonetheless, he said that government scientists get the last word on their preferred courses and convince them to choose agricultural business courses, depending on how aggressive agricultural schools promote their programs.

"I know that some agri (culture) schools have special campaigns" to promote agricultural courses, "he said.

One way to attract students, he said, is to promote food science and technology programs that are linked to agricultural studies.

Alamban said the DoST followed the trends based on how tuition fees from the agency's scholarship program have chosen their courses and the school's total enrollment population.

The figure, he said, is not encouraging.

In Region 10, for example, there are only 28 scientists who have followed agricultural-related courses from the 1,211 DOST scientists in the region.

DoST-10 shows that most scholars of the office prefer a degree in biology and other technical and technology-related courses. (PNA)

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