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The state-run Philippine Entertainment and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) conducted raids in more than 170 online gaming companies operating without a license when it started a crackdown on illegal operators.



In a statement, Andrea D. Domingo, chairman of Pagcor, said that the 170 online gaming companies are in violation of the manual for offshore regulations (OGRM) and are prosecuted for court charges and deportation if they have a foreign nationality.

Domingo said these illegal online gambling companies "have caused unnecessary damage to society and its citizens".

According to Domingo, personalities, both Filipinos and foreigners, who were arrested because they operated without a spell, will be charged or deported in court.

Pagcor estimated that four out of ten employees in online gambling companies are Filipino. These employees consist of highly paid IT and technical support staff, dealers, administrative staff, drivers, cooks, maintenance staff and others.

"Word of advice, therefore you legalize your operations or you have serious consequences," said Domingo.

Pagcor conducted a series of raids in collaboration with the National Bureau of Investigation, the Philippine National Police and the Office of Immigration.

It is recalled that Pagcor entered into a cooperation agreement with several law enforcement agencies for its campaign against illegal online gambling.

There is also an interagency council, which exchange information to carry out intelligence "operations, surveillance, raids, arrests, or any other action deemed appropriate, and thus put an end to the spread of illegal online gambling activities."

Apart from committing raids against errant companies, Domingo also said that Pagcor regularly monitors and controls the operation of the operators of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations (POGO) to ensure that they take over the correct revenue share from the government and that they abide by all laws.

She said that regular audits of POGO gaming hubs showed that the Pagcor rules & # 39; were substantially adhered to & # 39 ;, as well as local government requirements for health and hygiene, fire safety, work permits and others.

The current regulatory framework provides for administrative sanctions and sanctions against POGO license holders who appear to have committed acts, including violations of the conditions under their license.

Looking ahead, Domingo said that its third-party control platform will soon be fully functional, which will increase revenue collection and ensure the fairness of the activities of its POGO licensees.

In concrete terms, the audit platform ensures that POGO license holders carry out their activities as prescribed by the regulatory framework.

It also ensures that only approved and approved casino-based game platforms are offered to players, and that gambling on forbidden platforms such as collegiate games, illegal cockfighting, and prices of traded shares is not carried out by licensees.

Consequently, sanctions and administrative sanctions are imposed against errant undertakings.

"In addition, the regulations include the protection of the player's bets, and we do so of course", emphasized Domingo.

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