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By Madelaine B. Miraflor

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The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) considered the proposed multi-billion peso wastewater treatment plant in Laguna Lake by Manila Water Company, Inc. as "expensive".

Manila Water is now proposing the development of a multi-billion-pound wastewater treatment plant to be located in the midst of two major water infrastructure projects – one of which will soon be online while the other will be completed in 2023.

The Manila Water project has included a long-term plan, which is now being presented to the government, the construction of the Laguna Lake East Bay plant that could handle 250 million liters of water per day (mill.).

It will be located in the middle of the Laguna Lake Central Bay project, which will be operational in October, and Kaliwa Dam, the government's only flagship project that is expected to be completed in this administration.

The Laguna Lake Central Bay project would have a capacity of 100 billion, while Kaliwa would have a capacity of 300 billion.

Manado Water Chief Operating Officer Geodino Carpio said their proposal is the least expensive.
"We carried out five alternative studies and we found out [drawing water] from the East Bay of Laguna Lake and bring it to the metropolis is still the least expensive, "Carpio said.
But MWSS has a completely different view.

MWSS manager Reynaldo Velasco said that Ayala-led firms would cost more than P12 billion to build.

In the company's original proposal, Velasco said, it would need an amount of P23 billion to build a plant, something that MWSS can not approve given its potential impact on total water rates.

"However, if we look at the financial requirements for the further involvement of drinking water from Laguna Lake, I believe it is expensive and difficult to maintain in the long term, if someone who knows his maths makes it sustainable and maintains water quality. is more expensive than building new dams It will be difficult, for example, to consider a P15 billion project in Laguna Lake to produce 250 billion against the P12.2 billion Kaliwa that will produce 600 billion, "said Velasco, without really referring to the project of Manila Water.

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