Politically considered a motive in the assassination of Cebu mayor Mariano Blanco

Published 5:36 PM, September 5, 2018

Updated at 5:38 PM, September 5, 2018

DEAD SHOT. Mariano Blanco is killed in an ambush within his own office. Photo of Blank & # 39; s Facebook page

DEAD SHOT. Mariano Blanco is killed in an ambush within his own office. Photo of Blank & # 39; s Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – Police investigates & # 39; politics & # 39; as the motive behind the murder of the Mayor of Cebu, Mariano Blanco III.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) made the statement on Wednesday, September 5, hours after Blanco was shot dead in his own office in Ronda on Wednesday, September 5.

"The information we have received is still broad and I will reveal the details later … About politics," Cebu provincial police chief Senior Superintendent Manuel Abrugena told reporters in an interview when asked about the possible reason for the crime.

He gave no other details and did not mention any names of Blanco's political enemies.

Blanco is the 11th mayor who is killed under the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte, after the ambush of Mayor Ferdinand Bote from General Tinio in July. (GALLERY: Who are mayors, mayors who were murdered under Duterte?)

Blank & # 39; s political status: Blanco ran under the liberal party in 2013 and 2016.

In the 2016 election, Blanco defeated his lone rival, Moymoy Ungab, with 1,780 votes.

In 2017 Blanco told Sun star that he would join PDP-Laban. It is unclear whether he has gone through the plan (FAST FACTS: Who is Ronda, mayor of Cebu, Mariano Blanco III?)

Abrugena said police security data had been used in the past to escort Blanco before he was stripped of police powers because of his alleged drugs.

Asked about the claim, Abrugena said that the police of Cebu follow the position of Camp Crame.

How he was killed: Blanco was killed in his own office, hours before sunrise.

Two barangay-tanods (enforcers of village law) completed their services at a post near the town hall when armed men stepped out of a passing white van and ordered them to lie on the floor.

Witnesses told the police that they heard an "outburst" of gunshots coming from the town hall where the mayor's office was located. When the coast was free, they called for police. At that time there were only two police officers in the station while the others were on patrol or were looking for a search warrant.

The two policemen called for a back-up. The police tried to haunt the white van, but failed. (READ: At least 33 deaths daily in the Philippines since Duterte took office)

Cops said Blanco was taken to the Barili District Hospital, nearly 20 kilometers away, where he was declared dead on arrival. – Rappler.com

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