Redesigned 2019 SEA Games logo shows worse things to worry about in Philippines

A & # 39; redesigned & # 39; logo of the Southeast Asian Games in 2019 depicted the socio-political state of the country amidst the bloody war on drugs & # 39; by President Rodrigo Duterte. (Photo by John Tan via Facebook / Rolando Tolentino)

After people had enjoyed the government's proposed logo for the Southeast Asian Games of 2019, an individual managed to run a different concept for the design and called it Philippine Hunger Games & # 39; .

According to reports, the photo was shared by John Tan. People in a thread with comments on Facebook noticed that it was originally shared in a graphic design community. Eventually it reached its way to various social media platforms.

Writer Rolando Tolentino said that foreign athletes and sports officials should be wary of setting foot ashore in the country before the event, arguing that it is a war zone & # 39; is.

An excerpt from his title reads: "Nakamamatay at marami nang namatay ditto." Happy Hunger Games May the odds be forever in your favor! & # 39; "

Social-political landscape in & # 39; Hunger Games & # 39;

"The Hunger Games" is a trilogy about a group of young people forced by the government to kill each other in a TV-game survival.

The book shows how violence is encouraged by the authorities and how it is used as a means to control society. It has been adapted in films with Jennifer Lawrence.

It has been praised for its strong political undertones, particularly on how it describes a totalitarian community and how power is manipulated by the authorities for their own benefit.

In an interview with The Telegraph, children's illustrator and leftist supporter Michael Rosen said that the books "contain a lot of clues about how power was exercised in this totalitarian future society."

Huffington Post noted that the book teaches its readers that the "government is not to be trusted".

Toronto Sun, in the meantime, described the character of President Snow as a "right-wing politician resorting to brutal violence"; and a fascist.

The state-sanctioned violence

In the concept of the "2018 Philippine Hunger Games" logo, the individual used bullet holes to represent the country instead of circles in the original artwork.

In the reports he was quoted as saying: "Okay, kung ito rin & # 39; yung nararamdaman niyo. Save niyo, post niyo. Ikalat niyo. Sa inyo rin & # 39; yan. & # 39; Di ko aangkinin & # 39; yung nararamdaman niyo para sa bayan. "

The bullet holes were an allusion to the mass murders and violence that has been widespread in the country since President Rodrigo Duterte committed to a bloody approach to eliminating crime, corruption and drugs.

In September 2016, the chief executive compared himself with the German dictator Adolf Hitler and said he would "like to kill millions of drug addicts".

The Philippines had to deal with cases of extrajudicial killings because of the bloody anti-narcotics campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte. (Human Rights Watch / Carlo Gabuco)

Duterte has also encouraged policemen to use force in the pursuit of criminals and threatened human rights defenders who have criticized him.

He is also called a "fascist" by the founding president of the Communist Party of the Philippines, Jose Maria Sison.

In an interview Sison said: "Duterte is obsessed with setting up a fascist dictatorship a la (Ferdinand Marcos Sr.), his political idol, whose extrajudicial murder of about 3,500 more than 14 years of autocratic rule he has already surpassed in just two times. year. "

Human Rights Watch reported that the bloody war on drugs & # 39; van Duterte has demanded more than 120,000 lives.

Last week, some Filipinos on social media commemorated the death anniversary of a teenager through a one-off, large-scale drug operation initiated by the police. – Photo by John Tan via Rolando Tolentino

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