Sick Filipino father still succeeds in running his daughter through the aisle & # 39; & # 39; on a wedding day


An ailing Philippine father was determined to be there for his daughter on his wedding day, even though it meant that she had to lead her through the aisle on a stretcher.

Charlotte Villarin told local media that the family originally hoped that her 65-year-old father Pedro could lead her through the aisle from a wheelchair, but that his battle with advanced liver cancer left him bed-ridden on her wedding day.

Forced to improvise, relatives instead used the stretcher from the ambulance that brought Pedro to the location to help him down the aisle.

"He really sacrificed because he felt pain at that moment [a lot of] and we thank GOD for allowing that to happen," Charlotte Villarin told Cocosuts Manila.

On photo ?? s of the wedding day, Charlotte is seen by giving her father a kiss on the forehead when the ambulance arrived at the location. Father and daughter later held on to their emotional journey through the aisle and Pedro Villarin watched the ceremony from his stretcher in front of the hall.

"Mr. Pedro Villarin walked with her daughter through the center aisle as any father would have, if his current health makes this a difficult undertaking," wrote wedding photographer Law Tapalla on Facebook. "We have seen how in every difficult situation there will always be hope and happiness."

Charlotte Villarin reported on Facebook that her father died a few days after the wedding.

"It was really painful but knowing that he left this world [after] who fulfills his dream [of walking me down the aisle] I am already happy, whatever happens," she added.

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