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From Argyll Cyrus Geducos

Malacañang says that the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), Joma Sison, is not good at his mind after he has refused to apologize for the fact that President Duterte has fallen into a coma.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque in a press conference in Malacañang on April 20, 2018. (YANCY LIM / PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO / MANILA BULLETIN)

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque (YANCY LIM / PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO / MANILA BULLETIN)

"He is clearly delusional," said President Roots, Harry Roque, in a text message when asked about Sison's refusal to apologize.

Sison claimed Monday that Duterte was in a coma early in the week because of the alleged unavailability of the president. Duterte, however, quickly disputed the claims by appearing on Facebook on live video.

In an interview with ANC, Sison emphasized that his Facebook message about the state of Duterte was not fake news. He, however, said that he made the post because "it was interesting for (him)."

"It was not fake news because the people around him, or some of the people around him, were amazed that he was very unavailable," Sison said.

"Even some of them tried to contact him on Sunday, so they started to guess that for a serious reason because of his state of health, Duterte had become unwell," he added.

Sison argued that because the health of Duterte is of public interest, he wanted the public to look at the health of the president through the media.

"I said that probably the press or his doctors, the press will be able to find out what is going on, or that he himself will have to appear, otherwise his doctors would have to issue a medical bulletin," said the former Professor of Duterte.

The Communist leader then said that death would be an easy way out for Duterte, as the president still has to appear in court because of incitement to impunity in the police during his drug war.

"Let me point out: many people wish Duterte is dead, but as far as I am concerned, that could be an easy way out for him, and he will not be held responsible for his crime," Sison said.

"I want him alive after 2022, the end of his term, so that the International Criminal Court or even the people's court of the revolutionary movement can follow him," he added.

Meanwhile, Duterte closed in a speech in Cebu City Sison Tuesday because he claimed he had fallen into a coma.

"Let me also turn off the spirit of Sison, you know his mind was really abused by himself, no one else," Duterte said.

"I do not know what he means with comatose ako, Nasa kama lang ako (I was in a coma, I was just in bed) Comatose Matagal pa ako (I'll be here for a while)," he added.

Duterte then claimed that Sison was ill and abused the privileges given him by the Netherlands, where the communist has been seeking asylum since 1987 as a political refuge.

"Ask another country to accept you to give you the shelter, they call it the right to sanctuary, because you're sick, you might go to Belgium or Germany," he said.

"You stop, Kaawa ang (I feel bad for the) Norwegian people, they're on the bill and you're a rebel who's a freeloader, stop it, Mahiya ka naman (have shame)," he added. toe.

"And you will never win." Nagkita tayo sa impyerno sampalin kita (I will hit you when we meet in hell). "He continued.

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