Tomas replies that Duterte mocks his urostomy bag

A message from Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña on his Facebook page about his health condition.

The Mayor of Cebu, Mayor Tomas Osmeña, of Cebu City has used social media to respond to the way President Duterte mocked the mayor's health during a devastating speech during a visit here last week.

Osmeña, a survivor of cancer, wrote on his Facebook post that what he wore on the right side of his body was a urostomy bag and not a bag of "shit", claimed Mr. Duterte in a speech during the 49th anniversary of the Charter Day of Mandaue City, Cebu on Aug. 30

"I never hid the fact that I had to fight bladder cancer 10 years ago," Osmeña wrote at a post that was addressed to "my fellow Cebuanos."

He said that while cancer changes one's life, he would not hesitate to resign as mayor if he would no longer be able to do his job. The message was posted on August 31st, a day after President Duterte gave a five-minute rant against him for accusing Dutte of being the patron of illegal drugs and for saying that the national government should not interfere with Cebu's affairs City.

It has since generated more than 16,000 responses and more than 1,600 responses and at least 1,600 shares.

The post had a corresponding photo with a close-up photo of the bag in his polo shirt and a picture of the mayor and his wife Margot of 23 February 2009.

The photo showed a bald Osmeña, apparently as a result of his chemotherapy treatment at that time. He also showed a screenshot of his message on August 9, 2016, in which he announced that there was no sign that the cancer had come back after his second consultation with the doctors of Kamat and Siefker-Radtke.

In a speech during the Chartendag-jubilee of Mandaue last Thursday, Duterte gave Osmeña a tongue-beat – which was a surprise, because on August 21 he thanked Osmeña for the League of the Congregations in the Philippines to support him.

In his speech in Mandaue, the president threatened to beat the mayor, including the bag he had with him. "Gipa- arrange taka kay – nianhe ko kay gusto ko makig … P ***** i ** tamparuson ta gyud ka, tan-awa Unya kanang imong tae imong gidala-dala anang plastik sa tiyan (I had a appointment arranged because – I came here because I want … I'll hit you, wait and see, and the shit you take in that plastic bag in your stomach, "he said.

He said that what was sick was Osmeña "overconfidence" or extreme arrogance.

"He is the braggart who has been in politics for a long time, who says something like:" Do not meddle with Cebu because it is ours ", said Duterte.

The president continued, "You bastard! If you want to leave the Philippines, Cebu will drag you into the Pacific Ocean." "Who are you to say that?

As if you own Cebu. With what right? Just because you were an ex-president … the son or grandson of president? & # 39;

Osmeña is the grandson of the late president Sergio Osmeña Sr. and the son of the late senator Sergio "Serging" Osmeña Jr.

Mr. Duterte said he wanted to speak to the mayor and beat him because he spread false stories & # 39; that he was patron of a medicine.

But in his post of August 31, Osmeña said that he had never hidden the fact that he suffered from bladder cancer 10 years ago.

"Those of you who are old enough to remember can remember that the first thing I did when I discovered that I had cancer in 2008 was to hold a press conference to tell the Cebuanos," he said.

Because of the cancer, Osmeña said that the doctors had to remove my bladder and replace it with an external bag that collects his urine through a stoma and takes it to another bag attached to his leg.

"Because of sweat, the adhesive of the bag sometimes fails to cause leaks, so some of you may notice that I change my shirt during the day," he said.

But the mayor said that from now on it was not so bad, he did not have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

What he annoyed, he added, were only the leaks, especially when it happened in the middle of the day.

"They have occurred a bit more recently because of a complex hernia that has been caused by the surgery that has become worse in recent years," said the mayor. "But at least it's just urine and not feces, which some people ask," he added.

Osmeña said he should have repaired his hernia last month, but he had to postpone it for the fourth time because he had to be in Cebu in the aftermath of the assassination in the city and the police demand that & # 39; Cebu is safe & # 39 ;.

To prevent rivals from criticizing the president for claiming Cebu to be his, Osmeña posted a video of his reaction during the Visayas stage of the Inquirer Town Hall Meeting during the 2016 election round, called "Whose country is Cebu. "

In the clip, Osmeña, one of four panelists, addressed the crowd and said, "Who is the owner of Cebu? It is the Cebuños who own Cebu and I will fight to keep it that way."

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