Tomas secures Maca snake, postponement is postponed

The charge for assassination of William Macaslang Jr. has been postponed to 60 working days in anticipation of the motion of reconsideration filed by the Prosecutor's Prosecutor's Office with the Prosecutor of the City of Cebu.

Macaslang, the rider-bodyguard of Tejero Barangay Councilor Jessielou Cadungog who admitted he had been shot PO3 Eugene Calumba, had to be prosecuted for Cebu City Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 17 Presiding Judge Anacleto Debalucos yesterday, August 31, for the assassinations filed against him before the death of the policeman and the alleged attempt at the life of anti-crime volunteer Michael Banua.

Calumba allegedly tried to kill Cadungog; but Macaslang, who claimed self-defense, shot the agent.

Judge Debalucos decided to postpone the warning at the request of lawyer Inocencia de la Cerna, one of the prosecution lawyers who said that there is still a motion for reconsideration in the public prosecutor's office.

De la Cerna said that they have substantial evidence for the prosecutor to return to his first statement to lower cases of murder and attempted murder to murder and attempted murder.

De la Cerna also doubted the speed with which the panel of prosecutors in the provincial prosecutor's office of Cebu passed the resolution.

"We discovered that it was inordinately hurried and we believe that the evidence that is substantial enough was not appreciated, so we ask the panel of prosecutors to come back and look at the very vital witness. (closed-circuit television) also an eyewitness is present, a child, who was there, "said de la Cerna.

"Ma-question man gud after nimo, although we do not show malice on the part of the prosecutors.As a practicing lawyer we know that the decisions of the prosecutors take time.Normally 30 days, more than 60 days pa gani.We were Surprised why there was an Olympic record in solving this case, what is important in this case? There are so many killings to be solved, "he added.

Delaying tactics

But lawyer Benjamin Militar, Macaslang's counsel, said that the Prosecutor's action was merely a means of delaying the delivery of justice.

Militar said the Prosecution barks to the wrong tree for filing the motion for reconsideration at the prosecutor's office.

"The case is already outside the prosecutor's jurisdiction, so once it has been filed in court, they can bring it to the Ministry of Justice (DOJ), but not to the prosecutor's office because they have already exhausted their jurisdiction," he said. Militar.

Militar added that he is confident that the panel of prosecutors will only deny the motion.

But de la Cerna said that they would exhaust all the means in the procedure to reverse the first decision of the panel of prosecutors.

"We will ask the DOJ whether the panel of prosecutors will stick to that resolution and we will raise the petition for review by the DOJ," de la Cerna said.


Meanwhile, Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña, who accompanied Macaslang in attending the warning, swore to be Macaslang's bodyguard.
"William is terrified of his life, and after being released from custody of the NBI, who happily refused to release him to the police last month, he can not go anywhere safe," said Osmeña in a Facebook post .

"I told him I will go with him, today I am his bodyguard, William is nobody, he has no one to stand in front of him, so I will," he added.

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