Truth caused by serum tête-à-tête, episode 1

It has been widely condemned as a brutal attempt to brainwash the young generation in the belief that the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. a compassionate dictator. It has been rejected as an impudent misrepresentation of the martial law period of the Marcos regime as the best time for our country.

I refer to the one-on-one video interview between former Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. (BBM) and Marcos-era Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile (JPE) who was uploaded as a two-part episode to social media.

There were more than 100,000 victims of the Marcos dictatorship who were killed, tortured, imprisoned or disappeared. There is a huge possibility that among the staff involved in the production of the video interview Marcos-Enrile – directors, cameramen, lighting technicians, security staff, publicists, caterers, concierges – are one or two who sympathize with the Marcos human rights victims. regime because of blood relationship, friendship or simply by being a fervent follower of history.

If such a sympathizer were given the opportunity to inject BBM and JPE with a truth serum, or to fill their drinks with a comparable brew, the interview result would have been completely different. So I imagine that tête-à-tête would have been proven:

BBM: Why did you bring me away from my father? Why?! Why?! Why?! I could have been president for North Korea Kim Jong-un!

JPE: Ano ka, sinuswerte? (You can not have so much luck.) You were nothing but a spoiled grumbling of a dictator wandering around London. I was sweating to send orders to the army, and to answer loudly every time I heard them, "Sir, sir!" Every day my right arm was painfully stiff, because I had to give back their salute. Moreover, the North Korean model of succession from grandfather to father is undemocratic. What is best for the Philippines is the Myanmar model of a military junta with me as supreme leader, because Myanmar has Aung San Suu Kyi and we had Cory Aquino.

BBM: But my father has given you so many juicy and powerful positions. He has made you Office of Customs Commissioner, insurance commissioner, finance secretary, Minister of Justice and Minister of Defense! And you still had the guts to appropriate the position of my father?

JPE: Your father was afraid to reign 21 years as president! Your mother intended to follow him up, and your sister Imee was also prepared for power. You were only the fourth in line for the throne, boy. But that is how selfish your family was, you wanted to reign as royalty in the Philippines.

BBM: My father has declared martial law because you claimed that you were trapped by my father's enemies. But when you shifted your loyalty to Cory Aquino, you turned around and said that you had fired the story of the ambush to justify the declaration of martial law. And then, recently, you were captured for the third time by claiming that the story of the ambush was the real truth. How do you get away with all your shameless lies?

JPE: Simple, idiot! You change your story to come in the good grace of the one in power. That is how I have survived all these years politically and economically!

BBM: After my father declared martial law, there were no more criminals on the streets, the whole country was so peaceful, do you confirm that?

JPE: That's right, there were no more criminals on the street. The criminals were in police stations and in military camps. The army and the police have monopolized crime; they were those who committed extrajudicial executions, torture, illegal detention and disappearances. That is why the Bantayog ng mga Bayani has a list of thousands of names of victims during your father's reign. And that is also the reason why I personally signed the law that grants compensation to all those human rights victims. The country became so peaceful because the noisy opposition was sent to prison and thousands of people died. My God, I do not know why I say all this, I can not stop my mouth to tell the truth! My mouth has a life of my own that I can not control! It has regained freedom!

To be continued in episode 2 …

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