Use money instead to stop the killings


CEBU archbishop Jose Palma on Sunday urged President Rodrigo Duterte and other officials who offer a premium for the heads of the so-called "ninja police", or rogue police officers, to use the money to stop the killings instead of more murders to encourage.

"Ang approach nga reward sa makapatay [ninja cops] is a little doubtful. For us, ayaw long unta nang ways nga maghatag and hint nga pagpatay mao ang solution sa atong mga problema, "said Palma.
(The approach of giving a reward to those who can kill ninja agents is a bit dubious. For us we call on us to refrain from giving hints that murder is the solution to the problem. .)

Palma said he feared the outcome of such statements because it could encourage more violence.

On August 17, President Duterte has announced that he will give P5 million to anyone who can bring him a dead ninja or the bad eggs in the Philippine national police (PNP).

Mayor Tomas Osmeña, mayor of Cebu, supported the verdict by offering another P50,000 on top of the president's offer.

"There is a way to use the money to stop the killings and crime, but not as a premium for killing bad police officers [because] it encourages nga patayon after long tanan (just to kill everything). We feel sad and I hope we know something better to solve it, "said Palma.

"For now we appeal to prayer, let us all pray that the Lord will inspire others to have other approaches to beg for those who have the opportunity to stop killing," he added.

How to stop the killings

Palma also said that the leaders of the Catholic Church are willing to enter into a dialogue with the PNP officials to find ways to stop the killings.

Although there are suspects in some of the murders, Palma said they hoped to find the real source of the "motivation to kill".

"We feel sad about every lost life and we want us to have the ability to stop it, so far we have Oratio Imperata, which is our way of telling people that we do not approve such killings. not knowing who to approach or confront, we offer God nga unta, all of which would stop, "said Palma.

Palma released the Oratio Imperata on August 16 amid the ongoing rise of unsolved murders in Cebu.

The Oratio Imperata to put an end to the wave of murders in Cebu is a compulsory prayer that will be used in all the missions in the archdiocese and recited after the prayer after the communion.

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